Welcome to Sugar my Skin online! We are an all-natural Esthetic Solutions Shoppe  located in downtown Oshawa, Ontario. Sugar my Skin, offers a variety of holistic therapies and treatments for the skin, body and spirit in a green environment. Our philosophy is simple and affordable skin care practices that focus on educating the individual on preserving and promoting skin health. We offer beneficial skin and body care regimes in a simple and affordable manner. From hair removal to luxurious body wraps, it is our sincere wish that your beauty radiates from within!
 Sugar Paste for Hair Removal "body sugaring"
Waterless Mud Wrap's and Facial Treatments for all skin types and skin care needs.
Skin Brushing
Gemstone, Hot Stone, Deep Muscle and Aromatic Massage Therapies
Chakra Balancing with Quantum Touch
Custom Gemstone and Crystal Jewellery and Gifts
Custom Aromatic Blends and Gifts
Workshops and Free "Spirit Renewal Nights" with a variety of topics and guest speakers.
Gift Certificates and Packages
About Teresa,
Teresa is the sole proprietor of Sugar My Skin and brings over 15 years of experience in esthetics and alternative medicine practices focusing on holistic  and natural esthetic solutions.  Studies include intensive body wrap practices and principals, gemstone and crystal healing and massage practices, quantum touch and aromatherpy. A student of all things Metaphysical, Teresa believes in working with energy and breath along with the client to kick start the innate  ability in our body to heal physical symptoms along with enhancing emotional well-being.  Teresa has had the pleasure of working with many estheticians and energy healing practioners over the years and is excited to share the many benefits with others.  A lover of life and animals, Teresa lines the pathway to Sugar My Skin with a delightful herbs (clients welcome to sprigs) and flower garden along with splendid examples of earthly spirit beings and greeted by a splash of chakra colors. (subject to weather) Clients can choose from guided meditation, drumming or sleep and relax music.

The following pages of services will offer you a closer look at what we offer and how we utilize the energy, spirit and gifts in our earth to enhance your life on all levels of well-being! Thank you for visiting and we look forward to hearing from you!

Disclaimer, All treatments offered by Sugar my Skin are not intended to replace medical advice,but to bring about a sense of deep relaxation and natural skin care regimes that aide and speed the healing process. In some client cases, medical advice is most important. We reserve the right to refuse treatment where contagious or certain medical conditions are present.All benefits and results in products used are medically and scientifically proven. Scent sensitive clients,. please note there are scents in the air from herbs and oils and I am also a pet owner.